Why Futurist Jason Hope Believes That Internet of Things will Disrupt the Tech World

People have often joked about the idea of a robot takeover, that is the notion that machines designed to make our lives easier will one day be ubiquitous and will eventually seize control. While robots that can perform helpful tasks are still largely the domain of the international technology sector and scientists who work in research and development, technology is slowly creeping into our lives in ways that we would least expect. The encroachment of technology is largely through the notion of items that are “smart”: phones, houses, televisions and now even shoes.In an article for the website The Bro Talk philanthropist and entrepreneur Jason Hope wrote about the ways that the Internet of Things is taking over the world of consumer goods. The Internet of Things is a fancy way of referring to objects that have the ability to receive data and be connected to other objects. They often achieve this through chips that have been implanted in them.

Whereas devices such as phones that were largely concerned with telecommunications were once among the few devices designed to become smart nowadays even more consumer goods are falling under the umbrella of smart. For instance Hope writes about the latest development in wearable technology that has been created by the sportswear company Under Armour. Under Armour debuted a new product known as the smart shoe. Instead of having to wear a fitness tracker, the company has embedded fitness trackers into a new line of sneakers. The shoes could prove to be real boon for professional runners and people who run for leisure as it makes the process of collecting data about a runner’s performance easier than it has ever been. Hope has noted that there are likely to be more developments like these as time goes along.

In addition to being an advocate for the Internet of Things, Jason Hope is also involved in the world of philanthropy. He has donated money to a research organization as the SENS Foundation. The organization focuses on anti-aging and on preventing diseases that can accelerate the aging process such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and lung disease. Hope gave $500,000 to support the group’s work conducting research on anti-aging.

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