What Does The HomeJoy Bankruptcy Say About Handy?

HomeJoy was a home services website that helped home cleaners find clients, but Handy is a much more successful home services website. HomeJoy was forced to file for bankruptcy after a few stormy years of operation while Handy is booking over one million dollars in cleanings a month. This article explains how Handy took over the home services market from HomeJoy, how Handy manages its business and how the American household is remaining clean.

#1: Handy Helps Setup Appointments

The Handy platform is an app that welcomes homeowners and house cleaners to the same place. House cleaners set up accounts with their rates, information and references. Homeowners will find house cleaners on the site that work their area, and each house cleaner may be booked at any time. All money is handled by Handy, and Handy charges a small fee for each booking.

#2: How Much Do Cleaners Make?

House cleaners make between $14 and $18 an hour for their services, and homeowners may hire any cleaner they like. The service is the perfect place for house cleaners to find the few regular clients they need to stay in business, and the rest of their calendar will be filled by random bookings. Handy helps everyone come together in a platform that is extremely easy to use. Apply to work for Handy here.

#3: How Do Homeowners Find Someone?

Every house cleaner on Handy creates a profile that homeowners may read at any time. Homeowners may choose from a number of different house cleaners, and each house cleaner has millions of people who could potentially hire them. The market is very strong for house cleaners, and homeowners are not forced to guess when searching for a cleaner. Handy provides the sort of security that every homeowner is hoping for.

Handy and HomeJoy were once locked in battle for supremacy in the home services market, but today sees only Handy standing after a long battle. Handy succeeded because their platform is easy to use, costs very little and offers house cleaners a free place to manage their businesses. Everyone wins when they are booking a cleaning on Handy.

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