Partnering with Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

Each day I show up for my job as a corrections officer inside the state prison, I know exactly how dangerous things can be. The inmates are packed in this facility like sardines, and those close quarters and long sentences can put my small staff at a huge disadvantage some days. Any time that we are given a resource that can help to keep the peace, we welcome it and use it as often as we can. This year it was Securus Technologies who changed how officers were able to maintain order inside a dangerous prison.


It does not take much for a situation to go from bad to deadly inside a crowded jail. If an inmate can get their hands on a toothbrush and a razor blade, they can craft a stabbing device that could potentially be deadly. The flow of contraband in the jail is one we try to slow down every minute we are at work, but these inmates have found weaknesses throughout the facility and seem o have little trouble getting things they need to make life hard for others in this jail.


Securus Technologies is in charge of the inmate call monitoring systems you find in thousands of jails around the country. The company CEO, Richard Smith, says his Dallas-based business has over a thousand employees who are all committed to making our world safe. Once the LBS software was ready to go, we couldn’t wait to see the results. The system will scan calls across all the channels, and can identify chatter on contraband and alert us instantly. What this does is allow us to get to that potential problem now instead of reacting to it down the road.


Once we get the alert of anything that should not be going on, we take action and tighten things up to make it safer for all.