JHSF Participacoes: Brazil’s Leading Real Estate Firm

JHSF Participacoes is a Brazilian real estate and property development firm which is focuses on four major business unit: malls and retail, incorporations, hotels and restaurants, and an executive airport. The present chairman of the board of directors, Jose AuriemoNeto, oversees the development of the company’s projects and he is the one who decides what they have to build next.

The company was founded as JHS in 1972 by brothers FabioAuriemo and Jose Roberto Auriemo. However, a split in the company back in the 1990s resulted to the formation of JHSF, under Fabio Auriemo, and JHSJ, under Jose Roberto Auriemo. The side of the company controlled by Fabio Auriemo have kept their focus on construction and real estate development, while the part of the company that are being controlled by Jose Roberto Auriemo have ventured into new industries. JHSF Participacoes have started expanding their operations in 2001, as they ventured into the shopping mall and retail industry. In 2003, Jose AuriemoNeto replaced his father and took over the company, focusing on building luxury properties instead.

Today, JHSF Participacoes is building more projects in four key business unit of their company. The most recent and significant constructions that JHSF Participaoes had was the Park City Garden, opened in 2006; the acquisition and development of Fasano Hotels in 2007; the Shopping CidadeJardim, Hotel Century Southern Tower, HortoBela Vista, and the City Garden Corporate Center, all opened in 2008; the Town Hall Square, Shopping Subway Tucuruvi and Shopping Bela Vista, opened in 2009; and the Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport, which started the construction in 2014.

JHSF Participaoes is leading the real estate industry in Brazil into new heights, thanks to the leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto. The company is now shifting their eyes into the international market, after dominating the local real estate market of Brazil. They now have a series of projects being built in the United States and Uruguay, and has been tapping the European market as well. Jose AuriemoNeto stated that they will strive hard in order for JHSF Participaoes to be known globally as a major player in the real estate industry. To know more about JHSF click here.