Handy’s Sweeping Success With On-Demand Cleaning Services

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are a winning combination according to investors; they’ve recently raised $50 million more to help expand Handy, the house cleaning on-demand company the two founded in 2012. Handy uses freelancers to meet the demand for housecleaning services; customers schedule a time and Handy supplies a vetted cleaner and money back guarantee if the client isn’t satisfied. Clients love the idea; Handy schedules more than $1 million worth of bookings per week. Handy also provides handyman and plumbing services, nevertheless, more than 80 percent of the bookings are for house cleaning services. Handy’s adding more services too, with professional painting, moving help and furniture assembly among the latest services on their website.

House cleaning on-demand startups don’t always see success as Handy has; rival Homejoy recently closed their doors. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua say that their winning combination of convenience for customers and fair pay for freelancers is the key to their growth in the highly competitive marketplace. Handy is very particular about the independent cleaners on their roster, very few of the applicants are accepted. Those that make the cut get something valuable, reportable income from freelancing. Home cleaning professionals generally work under-the-table, leaving them few options when the apply for an apartment rental or a loan.

According to Handy’s website, it takes one minute for a person to book services on the site or with the Handy app. The startup stresses convenience for clients; they even shortened their name from Handybook and purchased the shorter domain name so customers could type their website name into a browser faster. It’s obvious that Hanrahan and Dua learned their lessons well at Harvard Business School, they are building a brand that stresses convenience and trust. Customers trust that the person they let into their house has passed an extensive background check; freelancers trust Handy because they know that they will get paid on time, without any hassles. With heir latest funding, it looks like investors also trust Handy’s business model.