Greg Hague’s Plan of Changing the Residential Real Estate Strategy in 2016

Greg Hague is an entrepreneur, author, professor and attorney based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is well known for his passion of growing the residential real estate industry that he has been involved in for 35 years. According to his observation, in 75 years, the process of selling residential properties has not changed. He adds that it is absurd that the level sale strategies applied by Apple or Amazon are not used in selling homes. Hague’s research indicates that present inefficiency reduce the price of home sellers costing them between 3 to 8%.

He views the traditional process of selling homes as hope marketing. According to him, homes are tossed into the market in the same way bread is tossed to the shelf by a grocer. In addition, the process of launching an iPhone into the market worth $500 is classy compared to the process of launching a $500,000 house. Hague has the plan to change the story through his new venture, Real Estate Mavericks, a real estate training firm.

He has created a 22 Step Home Launch Formula alongside a 29 Day Fast Sale Plan as the first steps to a healthier direction. The programs begin by creating excitement as well as demand. According to Hague, before front-loading the home, marketing initiative should be undertaken. The programs are intended to generate buyers quickly, after a home has been listed, by motivating them to act immediately at a higher amount.

Anticipation building is one of the initial steps in the 22 Step Home Launch Formula. It involves a pre-launch sequence prior to a yard sign being erected before a property is submitted to MLS. The pre-launch phase involves generating curiosity to raise the demand. This is followed by a series of private showings that are personalized to buyers likely to pay more due to the fear of losing the property if they fail to act immediately.

Greg Hague and Real Estate Mavericks

Through his coaching company Real Estate Mavericks, Greg Hague teaches Real estate agents on how to apply the formula to maximize on sales instead of doing things the old way. In 2016, his mission is to do away with the old rules that deflate prices and slows sales. Real estate agents can learn new ways of representing their sellers effectively by achieving higher sales.

Hague started his career at one of Cincinnati’s largest brokerage firms owned by his family, Hague Realtors. He founded his first firm, Heritage House Real Estate, in 1978 and within a year, it had 220 agents, 11 offices and over 600 property listings. He has also established other firms like The 990 Company and Real Estate Mavericks.

Hague graduated from Miami University in 1971 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 1974 from the American University, Washington College of Law. Hague received his real estate license when he was 18 years and was licensed to practice law at the age of 26 years.