Charles Koch: Making a Real Difference

Charles Koch is a philanthropist who loves to help out. However, he wants to help out in ways that truly make a difference and solve the problem as opposed to perpetuating the problem. He definitely believes in the value of being an entrepreneur and thinking outside the box for income. He has donated to charities that are dedicated to bringing forth opportunities for people to go into business for themselves. Charles has been married for more than 30 years to his wife. He is working towards a more fair justice system that treats people according to their character as opposed to their income.

His spokes person Mark V Holden goes into detail about the issue on an interview since Charles Koch himself wants to keep a low profile. One thing that the Koch family is not happy with is the current system which works from bias and targets people based on their income. While the government is attacking the disadvantaged and impoverished, it is wasting a lot of money and resources. Among the groups that Charles Koch has aligned with are ACLU, the MacArthur Foundation, Coalition for Public Safety, Center for American Progress, and Families Against Mandatory Minimums.

Mark Holden addressed the specifics of the issue in an interview and identified a solution that they believe would be effective for all people. One possible solution for the government is to treat the non-violent offenders with reform instead of revenge. Revenge should be reserved for the violent criminals and the threats to society. For one thing, there is an issue of overcriminalization. The conservatives and the progressives both agree that too many aspects of human behavior have been outlawed. One of the goals of law enforcement is to make sure that the amount of force is not excessive to what is necessary for compliance.

One issue that is addressed in the interview by Mark Holden is known as the mens rea. In other words, criminal intent is one thing that should be addressed in all crimes committed. This is one issue that no one is protected from. If they have found to be intentional in the criminal act that they are found guilty in, then they are to be treated accordingly. One area where the justice system needs to be reformed is where the prosecutor is concerned. Charles Koch sees that the prosecutor is too powerful in the cases presented before the judge.