Betsy DeVos: Our Champion of Education

Elisabeth (Betsy) Dee DeVos (née Prince; born January 8, 1958) is an American businesswoman, politician, and is the current United States Secretary of Education. Betsy attended Calvin College and graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in Business Economics. Betsy and her husband Dick have been married for 37 years and she is a proud mother and grandmother.Betsy’s primary focus has always been Education and she proved this from a young age. During the 1980’s she worked in the Michigan School System as a mentor to at risk children and was a school board member for many years. Furthermore, she is a strong proponent of school vouchers, which are taxpayer funded chips for children to attend whatever school they like whether it be private or charter. Betsy truly believes that zip code and socioeconomic conditions should never be a factor when seeking education for your child.

She is a champion of the charter school system in Michigan.Furthermore, Betsy is committed to alternative education system and established the education freedom fund with her husband Dick. The charity gives out scholarships to low-income families to allow them the freedom to choose where their children attend school. Moreover, she was once a board member of The American Federation for Children which has the same goals as the education freedom fund. What’s more, in the pursuit of alternative learning Betsy and Dick founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the Academy mixes aviation training along with the standard educational model.

Betsy is a member of The Foundation for Excellence in Education which is a think tank on education reform, and she is a supporter of the Christian school movement. Moreover, Betsy and Dick have helped to spearhead the boy scouts STEM program, a program that focuses on training in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and the environment. The family is also renovating the DeVos Family Center for Scouting, which allows inner city kids to have the camping experience.Betsy DeVos truly cares for children and with her husband by her side, she will continue the fight to give every child an education no matter who they are or where they come from.