Avi Weisfogel Operation Smile Campaign

Operation Smile is a well-known professional organization that makes it possible for young children dealing with deformities to find their smile. Focusing on cleft lips and other deformities, this organization makes it possible for kids with these conditions to get a smile using the most powerful surgeries and procedures. Statistically, you will find that a child is born with a cleft lip or cleft palate every three minutes, and that usually most kids will live their lives with this kind of condition their entire life. Operation Smile makes it easy, fast, and simple to be able to give the poorest of children the procedure they need.

More than two billion people lack access to any type of surgical care. Even more people lack access to professional surgery that creates successful results. Very few people in the world today, especially those in third world countries can gain access to the best surgical procedures in the world to fix this problem. For Avi Weisfogel, he has been able to help provide and shed some light to the world of this condition. He is now working with Operation Smile to create a GoFundMe campaign that will help share some serious knowledge on this specific aspect.

Avi Weisfogel has led his business of being a Dental Sleep Master for many years. He has helped patients achieve the ability to beat out their sleep apnea through the power of oral appliances and dental help. His success in this industry has enabled him to progress outside of just helping people with their dental and oral care, but also by improving the lives of those struggling with a cleft lip.

Dealing with deformities is something that you cannot handle in life. It is something you may have to be deal with. For millions of young kids every single day, you will find that the Operation Smile company is only trying to make the lives of young kids just a little bit easier. Through the power of this program, young kids with a defmority in their lip can gain some serious help and get the guidance they need to finally be able to smile.

This GoFundMe campaign is only going to spread even more awareness and raise more funds for the organization. Donating today will only help build their message and help more kids finally get to smile from ear to ear and show others what’s possible to experience in life. Follow Avi on Facebook and Twitter for weekly updates on his GoFundMe campaign.